Our Soul Bond With The Spirit Of Love

There is a sublimity of integration, a divine fusing, a gradually growing, indissoluble, bonding relationship with the indwelling Spirit of Love, who is presently, tirelessly and lovingly at work spiritually merging with each spirit-born soul; a living compact—eternally binding—is actively transpiring within every spiritizing heart and mind—especially those souls who are supremely desirous of securing the divine gift of immortal life; moreover, this Divine Spirit of limitless love, is the very spirit actuality of our all-loving Creator, whose universal personality circuit, provides for and maintains, direct interconnection and instantaneous contact with every personalized being.

There is a blending spirit-soul collaboration, an amalgamating companionship, a heavenly synthesis, and an melding spiritual attachment of the highest, purest order, now in process, evolving within us, that consistently reveals the perfect will-of-love of the Divine Heart, who determines our soul-bond of eternal union in the promise of the progressive spiritualization of living truth, infinite love, boundless goodness, divine light, supernal beauty and, ever-perfecting spirit development, according to the Creator’s preordained way, ever pointing Paradiseward, to the eternal Isle of Light, Life, and Love, and the personality recognition attainment, and transcendent embrace of the Universal Creator.

The spiritualizing person is currently faced—and ever will be—with freely, and unreservedly accepting the spiritual assurances that are now accruing in the divinizing heart through the revelatory, guiding directives, and fostering providence of the soul-bonding Divine Spirit, that forthwith, in liaison, with one’s wholehearted consecration, sacred covenant, unconditional alliance, and supreme conviction to the universal purpose, perfecting ascension plan, and absolute eternalization of the soul bonded in personality unification with the indwelling Spirit of Love—the unfailing carrier and transcriber of all our experientially acquired, spiritually imperishable divine values, and, the unending revealer of the all-loving nature, infinite attributes, glorious character, and primal personality of the God of love.


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