The Universal Creator Is Living Love

From the eternal abode at the center of all things, in infinite perfection, the Universal Creator descends to lovingly fraternize with every last individual; therefore, we can rest assured of divine fellowship with an actual fragment of the living God, whose spirit resides within the intellect of all normal-minded and morally-conscious people; thus, it is not necessary to go farther than one’s own inner-experience of the soul’s contemplation of God’s spiritual-reality, to make direct personal contact, and lovingly commune with the Creator’s indwelling spirit presence—which is an absolute part of the Infinite One’s eternal Deity.

Through spiritual faith-vision, as a inner-spirit truth-seeker, one is destined to come upon the inexpressible generosity of the majesty of God’s love, who divinely desires the loving association of every created being; let us rejoice with bona fide adoration, in recognition of the Creator’s lovable nature, endearing attributes, and, the ever-present possibility of immediate intercommunication with God’s bestowed personalizing spirit, dwelling in one’s own mind, spiritually intertwined, intimately attached, and lovingly associated with one’s immortal soul and spiritualizing self—of joint mind and spirit creation.

The Creator’s precious spiritual endowment is equal and unique to all, making everyone equally privileged to have devotional communion with the indwelling Spirit of divine origin; the great God of freewill, by gifting an individuation of the infinite and eternal self to live and love in each soul, by that means, desires all souls to draw near, to be in replete inner-contact of loving relationship; thankfully, there is never a closure of the all-loving Divine Heart to the true needs and spiritual appeals of the myriad children of creation; consequently, the Universal Creator, who is living love, has embarked upon the eternal adventure with each of us, in destination of the inevitable attainment of the divine embrace of our Creator’s Infinite Personality of love.