Divine Love The Heart Of God-Consciousness

God-as-love is at the heart of our inner spiritual-awareness, wherein, lies the truth discernment, spirit recognition, and personal experience of the Creator’s residing divine presence—the indwelling Spirit of Love; therefore, one’s ever-growing spiritual comprehension is poised to discover the love-centered innermost spirit-emplacement of the Infinite One; thus, the greatest of spiritual breakthroughs is the supernal finding and supreme meeting with one’s God-Self; accordingly, this empirical, illuminating God-realization, viscerally, and indelibly impresses the soul with undeniable spiritual evidence of God’s loving intimacy, which further unveils the insightful, dignifying, revelatory fact: that we are the sons and daughters of this selfsame God-of-love.

We needn’t go any further than our own interior spiritual experience to validate the reality of the living, exquisitely beautiful significance of the matchless divine affection of the all-loving God, divinely domiciled within our very hearts; this ultimate discovery is often had gradually, yet, when a supreme choice-decision to find the Creator’s internal loving spirit has been made, this can cause a life-changing realization of the truth and actuality of the indwelling Divine Presence, who was always gently knocking at the door of the heart, and patiently waiting, while lovingly seeking one’s deliberate, joyful invite, and soulful-loveful welcome.

The paramount ascertainment, spiritual verification, and soul confirmation of our abiding love Spirit—living at the heart of one’s budding God-consciousness—warrants our full free-willingness to acquiesce cooperatively with the spiritualizing endeavors of the indwelling Spirit of Love; what’s more, through our Eternal Creator’s loving volition, perfection plan, and divine purpose, we’re lovingly impelled to wholeheartedly choose to follow the unerring leading of the Spirit of Love and Truth, while dedicating ourselves to the consecrated divine life of the ordained spiritual way of the light and love of our Creator; in whom, we live, move, and have our being, now, and forevermore.