The Spiritual Gravity Of Eternal Love

The aggregate wide-ranging galaxy of created beings is pervaded, and held sway by the gentle spiritual gravity of eternal love; this affectionate gravitational enfoldment of our Creator’s love magnetically attracts all spiritually inclined beings to each other, as a universal body of one people throughout creation; the spirit-born among us, and the personalities of the greater spiritual realms are by the divine law of love, drawn to each other in loving spiritual affinity and kinship, and, are upheld altogether by the all-loving spiritual pressure of the will of God.

The ubiquitous force of the supreme good and all-encompassing energy of divine love attracts us ultimately to the very Source and Center of the loving magnitude of the Divine Heart; the sheer power of the Creator’s love allures us into the love-flowing soul-spheres of one another—even eternally; this outpouring dynamism of infinite love from the very person of God, sweeps through the universal domains bringing divine order to all adherents of true love, and because God is unity as well as love, we are coalesced in everlasting togetherness in a galactic cosmic universe of fraternalistic fellowship, by the Infinite Upholder and Divine Controller, who is the Original Personality of love.

We are lovingly obliged by the all-embracing spiritual-attraction of our Creator’s love, to pull together, in affectionate devotion, into a bodily whole, in divine rapport, with a broad-spectrum of personalities, in the beautifully perfecting spirit of love, and, thereupon, adhering, as one unified circle of love, ever-existent in the omnipresence of our lovesome Infinite Creator; the heavenly appeal of the Spirit of Love beckons each spiritually receptive soul into the irresistibly tender and loving divine lure of the dynamic gravity-center of eternal love, forthwith, to be spiritually integrated, and, eternally conjoined in loving relations with our beloved Creator, and every other living being throughout the celestial realms.


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