The Inlying Divine Presence Of Love

What a supreme godsend, soul-stirring boon, and inspirational blessing, that our Creator’s love is so profound, great, and comprehensive toward each beloved, cherished, and treasured soul, that one and all are spirit-indwelt by the Infinite One who is love; and, if we choose to abide in and, commune with, our bestowed spirit essence of the Divine’s inner-presence, we will surely encounter a love like no other, yet, deeply longed for; whereupon, in reverential reception of our all-loving Creator—whose love endows us with eternal continuity of being—life will nevermore be the same, and will be of everlasting spiritual gain.

The indwelling divine presence of the Spirit of Love is our spiritual evaluator, sorter, and adjuster of the living truths of the spirit; this absolute innermost fact of God, is our master-key to all-reality, potential and actual, and is the surety of our attaining the greatest joys, truest satisfactions, and all-important advancements of soul; and, as we learn to love, trust, and wholeheartedly embrace this pure presence of God, we will eventually realize our heart’s truest and purest spiritual aspirations.

The inlying Spirit of Love is purposed in our spiritual conception, rebirth, and immortal deliverance; whose unbroken revelation of divine love is so perfectly all-good, that once wholly admitted in the heart, the inner-life will certainly reflect the glory, grace, and righteousness of the most beautiful life, light, and love of God; what a monumental finding awaits each of us, even the most exhilarating, gratifying fulfillment that only our Creator can give so magnanimously and personally; the matchlessly uplifting, utterly inspiring experience of our lives is ours for the choosing; for the spiritual perception and adoring contact with the indwelling divine presence of love, is freely had by loving faith, and, establishes the eternalizing, and endearing espousal of oneness with our all-loving Creator’s spirit within.


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