Transfusing With The Spirit Of Love

A spiritual intimacy of loving warmth is continuously transfused into one’s heart and mind by the indwelling Spirit of Love, and, as we feel this realest of real, spiritualizing love infusion of the Divine Heart, melding within ourselves, it provides the fertile inner-soil of soul, and, favorable interior atmosphere, for the abundant growth, and bountiful harvest of the fruits of the Spirit: loving service, unselfish devotion, unfailing goodness, undying hope, forgiving tolerance, enduring peace, and steadfast faith; for the love of our Creator, and each other.

The experience of being divinely loved, inwardly, evinces one’s great personal value and, imparts extraordinary meaning to one’s life, even an unshakable realization, that the bountiful mercy credits of the Divine is so sublime, and always on time, that it causes a faith upsurge in the mind, which is so great, that it furthers personality expansion, stretching one’s heart to the point of merging openness with the instilling and amalgamating presence of the Creator’s spirit of love; this divine awakening, and spiritual discernment of the consolidating embodiment of living love, gives one the sense of being wholly capable of divinely loving, revealing that, as we increasingly love our Creator—in response to this inner-love integration—we also, come to love one another to a much greater extent.

To have an experiential transfusion of divine love with our ever-loving indwelling Spirit, can powerfully restart one’s life upon a higher level of spiritual function, wherein, we are heartily moved to make the supreme decision to completely and forever fuse with our innermost spiritual Benefactor of love, whose divine purpose is to effect our total spiritual makeover into the likeness of our all-loving Maker; thus, as we temporarily traverse through the cold facets of earthly life, we’re ever-warmed, and divinely adorned, by the spiritual synthesis, and, transfusing perfect love of our Infinite Creator.


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