The Spiritual Baptism Of Divine Love

We the people of finite creation are spiritually immersed in the cleansing, healing, regenerative, and transformative, immediate loving presence of the Universal Creator; hence, a spiritualizing baptism is currently upon us, and, by wholeheartedly choosing to enter into sanctified allegiance with our inner-companion, the Divine Spirit of love, this personal, sacred covenant with our all-loving Creator, ensures our souls unassailable, developmental spiritual achievement; and, aids our spirit helpers in safeguarding, and lovingly guiding the soul into those ever-advancing stages of spirit attainment.

This baptism of the spirit is a divine rite of passage, securing one’s decision of purpose to find, and come to know the Creator-as-love, now, and forevermore; therefore, in choosing to enter the converting life of the spirit, we gain admittance into the Creator’s all-loving, all-wise ascension plan of spiritualization, preparatory of the faith-adventure into the eternal delights, and escalating heights of unending spiritual progress in spirit interrelation and identification; as we grow in divine love and proceed to the expanding spiritual realities of the heaven-of-heavens, we will continually be spiritually baptized and cosmically modified for qualified entrance to the higher spirit realms, according to the degree of God’s enthronement in one’s heart-and-soul.

The Spirit of Love and Spirit of Truth that lives within and impinges upon every mind, respectively, summons every soul to be spiritually initiated by the morally rejuvenating, spiritually redeeming, living waters of the Spirit; to sincerely accept the life-giving baptism of the spirit, we supremely choose to follow and, faithfully abide in the loving proffer of our Creator, who decrees that we consecrate, and dedicate ourselves to the divine fulfillment of our evolving potential as sons and daughters of God; the spiritual baptism of the Spirit of divine love, opens the gateway to the limitless spiritual gifts and progressive divinization awaiting each and every decisively consecrated and divinely inspired soul.


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