Spirit-Born Eternal In A Omniverse Of Infinite Love

Although we had no say in our first birth as human beings, we have the phenomenal opportunity to deliberately be spirit-born for ever-advancing spiritual living through the eternal life endowment of our Creator Parent, whose spiritizing presence resides in, and loves from, the mortal mind, and therein, jointly originates the spiritual genesis of the immortal soul; this spiritual childbirth and formative stage of spirithood is lovingly inspired and divinely fostered by our indwelling Spirit soul-progenitor, whose peerless devotion, and cherishing collaboration, co-creates—in co-operation with our faithful choices and decisions—an eternal bonding of unceasing soul-growth, ever-leading to spiritual adulthood.

To be spirit-born in a universe-of-universes permeated with infinite love, is a divine gift having everlasting significance, and introduces us to a vast kinship of love-centered relationships in which all personalities of a far-flung cosmos of boundless dimensions, are deemed as one united universal family under God, inclusive of an eternal life of progressive spiritual maturation; being divinely raised, and eventually coming of age spiritually, by the heavenly supervision, divine wisdom, and spiritual watch-care of our God-Self, firmly sets us on the upward path of intellectual mastery, and a perfecting spiritual consciousness.

As spirit-born children of God, our realest self is given birth, that we may in love approach, and in truth, come to know our glorious Creator, who has made every provision for our spiritual development; this eternalizing, spiritualizing upbringing, provides an ever-present, all-wise divine parenting, that teaches the acquirement of a righteous spiritual character by directing our emulation of God’s divine values; from our initial physical birth, spiritual inception, and eternal emergence as budding spirit beings, we’re increasingly fashioned in the divine likeness of our all-loving Creator; presently, spirit-born and gradually growing into spirit-form, we find ourselves at home in a universe-of-universes, as spirit youngsters divinely gathered, and, ever-warmed by our Creator’s infinite love.


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