The Eternal Bosom Of Infinite Love

In the eternal bosom of the First Person of Deity, every single human being is affectionately embraced in the Creator’s infinite love, in supreme relationship, and everlasting belonging, as an essential, irreplaceable member of the universal family; within the Divine Heart all the precious children of creation are spiritually nourished, and, lovingly nurtured, with exquisite inner ministration, and far-reaching divine over-care; all souls are forever embosomed, ever-closely, by the outstretched omnipresent spirit arms of God, who is, spiritually parenting, devotedly tending, and perfectly raising each growing soul into spiritual adulthood.

We’re fondly enclasped in the sublimely touching, soulfully peaceful and pleasing warmth of the Infinite’s love, in One-to-one, One-in-one spiritual intimacy; for the all-loving divine heart of God has reserved this personal loving contact with each and every earthly daughter and son as an exclusive Creator prerogative; even now, the bestowed Spirit of Love—that lives in each person—goes with us through all experiences—good and bad—with the divinest affection, and, the utmost cherishing devotion; our beloved Creator’s incomparable, heavenly, and awe-inspiring love-relation with each soul, is all-inclusive of a uniquely loving fellowship, a most loving friendship, and an matchless spiritual closeness engendering endless togetherness.

This profound and transcendent relationship as the spirit children of our Divine Creator Parent—whose perfect love is so deeply personal, and spiritually individualized—completely accepts us as we are, and, at every moment is seeking and awaiting our sincere recognition, love reciprocation, and heartfelt communication; for it is the Divine’s loving will to unreservedly share the inner-life with each soul, which effectively saves us from feelings of spiritual isolation and, planetary or cosmic loneliness; be assured, we are absolutely, indelibly, protectively, and tenderly held in the Divine Heart, in the never-ending unfoldment of a spiritually cultivating, perfecting future, eternally embosomed in the God of infinite love.


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