The Gospel Of Faith In Service Of Love Divine

The gospel of living faith is upon us, presently, the gift of its spiritual vision, unveils the Spirit of Love as one’s inner spirit nucleus, and the Spirit of Truth as dwelling in the heart, and brings to definitive light the sacredness of each person; these supernal spirit endowments makes known God’s love for every soul; what’s more, these bestowed spirits of the Creator’s living presence reveals these divine realities of the Infinite as truly discernible and comprehensible through faith; for our Creator desires that we fully come to know and love each other, and share the inner-life, joined as one, forevermore.

The ever-adaptable and creative teachings of divine love, and living truth, procured through spiritual-faith, discloses a divine unfolding of everlasting expansion, and endless growth for all spirit-born souls; and, with God’s purpose and will individualized and taking faith-hold within one’s heart, we find the Universal Father’s Spirit of Love, Universe Son’s Spirit of Truth, and Divine Mother’s Holy Spirit in perfect harmony, and ever-leading the way into the eternal progression of spiritual-consciousness in the experiential reality and actuality of all-truth, and all-love, predicated, and made real by the power of faith.

The Spirit of Love, Spirit of Truth, and Holy Spirit is that threefold spiritual endowment and divine influence that leads one upward and, urges one onward to the very source-center of infinite love, and eternal truth, therefore, the gift of living faith is essential to actualize these divine realities of spiritual life in the eternalizing ascent of daughter-sonship with God; thus, spirit-born of pure love, it is imperative, in the service of love divine, to make the saving grace of the gospel of faith, love, and truth real to any and all people, for this is of the loving will of God ascertained through faith, validated by truth, and served with love.