The Divine Caress Of The Inner Spirit Of Love

The inner Spirit of Love fondly, and spiritually caresses the soul, preparing one for the heavenly ascent, to attain the transcendent goal of the eternal embrace of the Divine Heart, the Bosom of Infinity; in lovingly receiving the divinely touching devotion, and delightful wonder of our interior Spirit lover, we’ll irrefutably come to feel deeply loved, and, in turn, be inspired to give this supernal love to one another through loving service, joyous fellowship, and loyal friendship; moreover, we will begin to discern divine love as the true foundation and core-value of the forthcoming sister-brotherhood of humanity.

Our infinitely lovable Creator Parent, whose very gentle spirit of innermost emplacement, spiritually, lovingly, and with great devoted care, hugs one’s soul ever-closely, with the divinest intention and highest ideal of everlasting inseparability; in the divine beauty of pure love, each and every personality is cherishingly, and affectionately held in the spirit arms of the Creator’s indwelling Spirit presence, who is the perfect love-relater, of our all-loving Maker, who proposes holy matrimony of eternal union, rooted in the truth, beauty, and goodness of our Creator’s love supreme.

This ever-warming, love filling-feeling, and tender spiritual caress of the indwelling Spirit of Love is forever; and, if we wholeheartedly and faithfully choose to be spiritually engaged and subsequently wedded to our beloved Spirit companion, we will undoubtedly be eternally conjoined, fused, and made one; this divine and loving relationship is indissoluble, and makes full to overflowing a spiritual life of endless love, for what God brings together no power, person, or thing can part; the loving, eternal embrace of the Spirit of Love, radiates the light-of-love from one’s spiritual heart and face, and as the indwelling Spirit divinely caresses each one of us in the glory of loving grace, divine love is destined to transform the human race.