The Other-Centeredness Of Divine Love

Other-centeredness is a distinct characteristic innate to the outgoing dynamic nature of divine love; being public-spirited, it inspires one to seek for the genuine wellbeing of those close at heart and people as a whole; infinite love constantly stimulates the soul’s concern for the overall welfare of human beings in general, and loving support for the afflicted in particular; this outreaching spiritual love, enriches, elevates, and ennobles one’s character, as it freely spreads from the heart outward to the world community of humanity; this Godly love is always striving to do for others what is sincerely desired and truly required for their benefit.

The indwelling Spirit of Love brings to one’s heart that selfless urge and compassionate impulse, divinely firing up the personality to love anew with a wholehearted affection, and consecrated devotion, that lovingly inspires one to render good to others with empathic-altruism. As we gracefully grow to righteously and fearlessly love as our Creator loves, we’re increasingly empowered, by our inner-Spirit, to extend and spiritually befriend a purer love for all people—subjectively and objectively; as we aspire to love, as God loves, the Spirit of Love and Truth, intimately and heartily companions with us, ever-revealing the infinite love of our all-loving Creator, via the heart and soul.

The Spirit of Love endeavors to liberate and deliver us from the clutches of self-absorption, causing a self-forgetfulness, that catapults one into an open-heartedness of spiritually generated goodness, steeped in other-consciousness, and, healed free, with loving strength, to live to give for others; this divine love lays bare our sister-brotherhood, our spiritual bond with each other, in the universality of true love, which contributes mightily to our becoming ever-progressive, spiritualizing children of light-and-love, evolving, and now emerging from the spiritual lowlands of self-centeredness, and presently, mounting the heavenly heights of the other-centeredness of divine love.