The Invincibility Of Divine Love

Although we may stifle, or delay—unconsciously or consciously—the sway, power, and ministry of divine love in our lives individually and as a people, we certainly cannot long deter its winning devotions and healing affections within ourselves and the world at large; even the clamoring demands of a resisting self, and the egotistic aggregating conflicts of self-serving human beings, will not prevent the saving graces and the loving forgiveness of the Creator’s limitless, and absolute love, from seeking every possible way to effect the complete liberation of each and every soul from their own unloving demise.

Even the transitory afflictions of an unenlightened, cold-hearted soul—singly and collectively—pained with lovelessness, is incapable, to forever resist or avoid the oncoming triumph, and, approaching rule of agape love throughout the world, for this is the indomitable divine design of the infinite love and divine patience of our all-loving Creator Parent, who in perfect wisdom now leads—through the outpoured spirits of love—the planet into the gradual, and, certain ascendancy of the reign of love; thus, it is essential that, each divinely loved soul, spiritually and progressively, grow in love and truth, and be rehabilitated thereof, or go the way of self-diminishment.

We will undoubtedly come to intimately know—as divine love will definitely show—through the faith-trust of our hearts and souls, the unceasing revelations, and divine manifestations of the Eternal Creator’s all-embracing personalized bestowals of love; for the unconquerable—and spiritually irresistible—reality of the Infinite One’s love for all the children of an immense creation is destined to utterly prevail; even now, we can be secure, in the truth, that the loving acts of the Spirit of Love, at heart and at hand, is invincibly bringing forth God’s plan, to free all the global land, into the victory of divine love for every woman, child, and man.