We’re Called To Serve Divine Love

We’re all divinely called to be of altruistic loving service, in concerted fellowship with our indwelling Spirit of Love; the divine call encourages us to lovingly serve each other, for in doing so, we’re also serving our all-loving Creator, who shares everything possible, through love, with all beings; for the very essence of divine love, is to share itself unconditionally, and, as we learn do the same with one another, we are exemplifying the loving character, universal way, living truth, and, infinite love of God.

We are affectionately called upon, by our inner love Spirit, to dedicate ourselves to the loving service of others; to unselfishly give of the greater love of our God-self, and thereby, be liberated from the limitations of self-love, in service of the eternally creative and charitable-spirit of selfless love; therefore, deliverance from any tendency to constrain the free-flowingness of true love, will come to bear, as we dare, to serve and share, divine love, and, being contagious, will inevitably transform the world, spiritually unifying all people as living love conduits of divine service.

To sincerely heed the spiritual call to be about the service of true love—God’s will-of-love—our service-path of divine becoming is course corrected, as we swing into greater love-rapport with the Divine Heart, who’s Spirit of Love living inside us, gives of itself fully in loving service, confirming the Creator’s love for each person; for we are of love and, to live this love fearlessly and courageously for others is the imitation of God; as we benevolently serve others from the wellspring of divine love within, we each will find ever-diviner revelations of love to be set free into the world, until the call to serve divine love culminates into the sister-brotherhood of a loving humanity in love with God, and each other.