The Spirit Of Love Brings Paradise To One’s Soul

The Paradise Spirit of Love dwelling in one’s soul, springs forth directly from the Divine Heart of the Paradise Creator, the eternal maker and infinite upholder of all creation, and, personally provides each evolving soul with an individualized spirit of unparalleled divinity and idyllic love; and, additionally, has gifted all beings with a unique, potentially eternal, changeless personality; moreover, there literally exist within oneself a veritable Eden of paradisal love and blissful happiness, for the inner presence of the God of Paradise is, in reality, our inseparable Spirit companion, and, our divinest love of infallible spiritual wisdom and infinite goodwill.

The Eternal Isle of Light and Life—the Paradise abode of the First Source and Universal Center of Love—is where reality originates and is eternally upheld; what’s more, this Isle of God is our ultimate spiritual destiny in the attainment of spiritually perfected personality. In love and mercy the messengers of Paradise has abundantly gone forth with the Infinite Creator’s supreme mandate and divine command to “Be perfect, even as I am perfect;” thus, the spirit of God-as-love—the indwelling divine presence—has been bountifully sent from Paradise to devotedly live and divinely work in spiritualizing the associated human mind and soul.

From the geographic center of infinity and dwelling place of the eternal God of love, the Creator’s Paradise spirits of love profusely goes out to all beings, to live in us in eternal oneness; thereby, in choosing the Paradise adventure of ascension in divine union with one’s perfect pilot, the bestowed Spirit of Love, we are poised and blessed to lovingly embark on the long, long Paradise journey of attaining the transcendent goal of finding, recognizing and, comprehending the Original Personality and First Person of Deity, and, be eternally ushered into the Paradise embrace of the paradisiac affections of our all-loving Creator.


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