Partake Of The Divine Nature Of Infinite Love

Whether we are striving and/or struggling to sincerely and increasingly love the one, the few, or the many, by partaking of the divine nature of the Spirit of Love—who indwells the upper mind and spiritualizes the thinking below—our souls do gracefully grow, and, in tow, are gradually eternalizing, and transmuting our human nature; hence, combined in personality and spirit for all time with the Divine, is so touchingly sublime, when we sufficiently align, our consecrated souls to the loving will of the Universal-Eternal-Infinite Creator’s Heart-Spirit-Mind, that lives and loves in our inner-shrine.

The indwelling Spirit’s divine exhortation-invitation for supreme relationship, calls, and welcomes each and every soul to solemnly take part, in sacred partnership of infinite love, with our beloved Universal Creator; this divine and spiritual becoming attends, attracts, and attains the indelible truth, in every respect, of realizing one’s eternal potential to share in, and, further actualize the true nature of divinity in righteous acts of love, with creative adaptations in living the truth, exemplifying divine beauty, and promulgating loving deeds of goodwill in spiritual fellowship, fraternal service and, upstanding earthly and cosmic citizenship.

The absolute and perfect love of our worshipfully adored Creator is never afar off, but, right here, right now, is intimately involved in one’s eventuating transformation, even eternal fusion, and, everlasting life in the spirit-bosom of the Infinite One’s ageless embrace; we are exquisitely and magnificently entrusted with the Divine Heart’s Spirit of Love—domiciled in our innermost-heart—that we may faithfully enter, wholly join in, and without reservation, actively engage in affectionate devotion with, and too, our Creator Parent, and, fellow sisters and brothers in the flesh; how spiritually sweet it is, divinely delightful, and inspiringly joyful to partake of the divine nature of infinite love, becoming now, and forevermore, reborn into our true and immortal spiritual nature.