The Heavenly Vibrations Of Divine Love

We are all endowed, by our love dominant Creator, with the heavenly vibrations of a love supreme of the purest and highest order, and, as we live-to-give this divine love, spiritually thundering within us, righteous precedence in our daily experiences with each other, near and far, its supernal frequencies are thus lovingly broadcast throughout the world with increasing sublimity, divinity, and authenticity; the Spirit of Love, ever-reaching more and more people, is gently beseeching, we set free our God given love, to further accelerate the planetary buzz and awareness of the all-encompassing presence of God-as-love, who, by loving command, has decreed the universal establishment of the reign of love divine throughout the land.

The glorious waves, and reverberations of infinite love, permeating one’s being, as it takes affectionate hold, electrifies the soul with heart-throbbing, dynamic currents of inspirational motivation and, loving stimulation to bestow living love upon every relation, even one’s subjective person-to-person mental projections; the divine still-voice of the Spirit of Love ever echos in one’s interior makeup, whose spiritual sounding is a spirited wakeup call, unfailingly advancing the free-flowing vibrational delights, and, resounding joys of the pulsing goodness of true love through one’s heart-and-soul.

The unabating resonance of the Spirit of Love, resident, and pulsating from the depths of soul the loviest vibratory divine affection, tunes and tones the inner-life and, brings forth its unbroken holy oscillations of universal love, that it may be unselfishly and, faithfully shared; hence, this phenomenal love quickens everything it touches, especially one’s own being, as it passes through, too, its various heart destinations; the perpetual deepening, amplifying, and, re-echoing of the truths of love, from Divine Heart-to-heart, embraces the Creator’s divine plan to increase, unceasingly, spiritual revelations demonstrative of a higher love, that forever rings and sings to the transcendent rhythm of the heavenly vibrations of divine love.


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