The Spirit Of Love Cleanses The Heart

The indwelling Spirit of Love selflessly guides us into the arms and hearts of each other and, our beloved Creator; ever-revealing the Divine’s will-of-love, essentially, as actionable, and serviceable love expressions of our inner God-self; this deep cleansing of fears and selfishness, by the pure love infusions of the inlying spirit presence of the living God, with willing co-operation, liberates the Divine Lover within, to function unhindered to effect a detoxification of the heart from innate animal propensities and, egocentric proclivities that undermine one’s power to wholeheartedly love.

The inmost Spirit of Love is divinely and intimately endeavoring to deliver the true-self into the realization, and application of its spiritual legacy and, inherent love endowment, to thereby, bring about a spiritual liberation, through divine purification of one’s inner-life, thus, freeing up the innermost place of soul, to spiritually unfold, in exemplifying harmony, with our ensouled Love Spirit, according to the all-wise, all-lovingness of the Divine Heart; this sanctification of the inner-person is, of necessity, for the effective whole-souled spiritualization of the personality, and, while releasing and increasing true love in the world, also, has wondrous, far-reaching influence upon one’s present-future life.

Constantly purged of fear-based and, loveless impurities, by the supplanting and transforming reality of the Creator’s inner-spirit of love, we begin to see life more truthfully, clearly, broadly, and lovingly; a new attunement with one’s overall love perfecting being, becomes progressively evident and experiential, as invigorating spiritual energies emerges, and, divine altruism becomes prominent in one’s moral and ethical character; an inspired renewal of mind, regeneration of heart and, emancipation of soul, spiritualizes the being, for the faithful reception and promulgation of ever-advancing revelations of activated-actuated love, and, deliverance into the true recognition, righteousness, and divine service of the Creator’s will-of-love, culminating in the rebirth of the soul and, the resultant sanctified sister-brotherhood of humanity.