Infinite Love Enriches The Field Of Eternal Possibilities

Divine love enriches the soul’s perception of the truths of reality, giving everyone who sees and feels through the heart-light of true love a newer and continually expanding consciousness of a greater perspective, deeper meaning, and higher value of the spiritual life and, reason for being; the luminous revelations of the inner Spirit of Love, and the Spirit of living Truth illuminates the mind, and opens the soul to new vistas of divinity, broadening scopes of heavenly beauty, and, enhanced realizations of divine goodness, spiritualizing one’s outlook and, comprehension of the Creator’s loving personality, majestic character, and, universal creation of endless spiritual growth.

Infinite love orients and, substantiates one’s place in the immense, far-reaching realms of existence, and, precious belonging in the family of God, elevating one’s vital understanding and essential experience of the integral interbeingness of all relationships, raising them to ever higher levels of importance having eternal prospects; hence, those who are genuinely loved up and spontaneously flowing with the actuating power of love, are brightened with increasing happiness, enlarged insight, and, ever-expanding, progressive frames of reference; thus, one’s faith-vision, lovingly upstepped, brings into focus a universe panorama of limitless possibility, perfecting spiritualization, and ever-widening fruitful service.

When we begin to see the spiritual domains of universal creation with eyes sanctified with the indwelling Spirit of Love and the Spirit of Truth, our joy levels are heightened, we become enlightened to the advancing possibilities of being in adaptive alignment with pure love, living truth, and, the revealing divine light of: unending opportunity, inexhaustible potential, the promise of an immortal life of spiritizing choice-decisions, improving modes of action, and, increasing options for greater spiritual living, in everlasting perfecting union of oneness with the Divine Heart, upon the eternally fertile ground of untold possibilities—the ever-enriching universal field of the Creator’s infinite love.