The Total Givingness Of The Spirit Of Love

The Eternal Creator’s Spirit of Love, indwelling the human heart, is of the nature of complete and, unqualified givingness; this infinite love endowment is uniformly ensouled in every person; moreover, earnestly welcoming and, freely bestowing such love upon others, inevitably, ever-makes us more of who we were truly born to be; the Universal Creator’s perfect love is so unconditional that no matter the individual, all are at every moment divinely loved; the Infinite One, through divine love, may even interject a disciplinary, merciful, spiritual hand, that the soul may be righteously rectified, qualified, and purified to thereby be ushered into the eternal progression, of divine light, love, and life.

This absolute love of the Divine Heart is rendered immediately accessible by the gifted spirit presence of God-as-love within oneself; whose spirit arms fully, and unreservedly embraces the soul—eternally. With God incarnate as the Spirit of Love, we all have a direct-connect to the consummate, unmitigated love of the Supreme-Universal-Eternal-Infinite-Ultimate Lover of all. We may at anytime, in the sanctuary of the heart, lovingly commune with our beloved Creator, and, in the course of time and eternity, in divine partnership, we will assuredly become divinely lovable in the likeness of our all-giving, all-loving Maker.

Not one person is devoid of the Divine Creator’s perfect and matchless love, for all are deemed worthy of this heavenly love that is ever-forgiving, spiritualizing, regenerative, soul-saving, and, transformative to the spiritual core of one’s being; this divinely invested, interior love presence, is without cease, working to free one from the constraints, limitations, and the dead levels of rejected love; yet, no matter the extent of our love deficiencies, we are the finite children of the Infinite, and absolutely no one is left out of this total givingness of divine love individually given from our glorious, all-beautiful, all-good, all-loving Creator.