May We Lay A Firmer Faith-Hold Upon Divine Love

Looking within ourselves, and about the planet, we may be tempted to discount the far-reaching ministry of the Spirit of Love mightily at work in our inner and outer lives; moreover, it is our personal and united embracement of true love, in the very midst of temporal lovelessness, that will eventually win the day; as divine love reaches critical mass, and, as we—individually and collectively—truly feel, and spiritually discern the all-pervading reality and limitless potential of infinite love, we will perforce, quicken its global spread, especially to those unloving, challenging, and lonely souls, of whom, genuine love is so desperately needed.

We are lovingly endowed by our beloved Creator with the supernal gifts of faith-vision, and, the indwelling Spirit of Love, enabling a spiritual and spirit perception, that is in continual revelation and manifestation, upon, and within us; hence, to be made whole by the truth of loving faith, gives the means to comprehend the tangible, apparent, and certain reality of the invisible, always in motion, selfless aspects of spiritual love; thus, in decidedly entering the faith-adventure and, courageously endeavoring to love one another, we thereby, swing into divine order with the spiritual currents of the universe.

Our great quest and essential mission is to align with the Divine’s will-of-love to effectively bring forth, exponentially, more soul-saving love into the world, thereof, we’re love-inspired to live above and beyond all things contrary to love; with faith-power activated, and actuated, there comes into being the unquestioned realization of a readily available, unfailing, perpetually outflowing movement of the Spirit of Love, that we, in full-confidence, can promulgate, proclaim, and minister, to our fellow planetary sisters and brothers; and, joining hands of hearted-love, altogether, we will assuredly prevail—as we lay a firmer faith-hold upon real love—in the establishment of divine love upon our world.