The Reaching And Teaching Of Divine Love

There is a spiritually activating, divinely intensive, affectionate reach into the depths of one’s heart-and-soul of the dynamic, free flowing essence of the inner Spirit of Love, whose vibrate teachings of high spiritual values reveals the moral compass, ethical designs, and all-encompassing, compelling power of the love of our beloved Creator—the Universal Master Teacher—whose eternally auspicious, abiding presence, warmheartedly fosters that leading spiritual education, and, sublime enlightenment, divinely illuminating and, thoroughly instructive of love divine, for the crucial growing and, ever-learning soul, whose continual advancement is always love-centered.

The inmost presence of the Spirit of Truth, in divine oneness with the indwelling Spirit of Love, spiritually nourishes and, wisely guides the creative spirit of individual experience in the living realities of eternal truth and infinite love, accordingly, conjoined in progressive communion, and spiritual fellowship with our receptive, teachable soul, thereby, opens the doorway to eternal life and, brings into purposeful focus that living bridge from time to eternity, and, ultimately trains, prepares, and perfects, the acquiescing soul in the attainment of the Paradise embrace of the Universal First Person of Deity, Source and Center of love, forever embosomed in the Divine Heart, for an eternity of joyous, love-filled service.

Divine love instructs each person to reach beyond one’s loving circle into the world at large, even the universal cosmic family; the teachings of the endowed Spirit of Love in perfect alignment with the bestowed Spirit of Truth inspires us to learn to genuinely love as our Creator does, above and beyond all false preconceptions, selfish resistance, and egoistic biases; therefore, every encounter bears forth a master lesson and superb opportunity for the further functioning, and unique expression of the indwelling Spirit of infinite love, and eternal truth, whose love teaching, and loving outreach is exceedingly transformative, spiritually energizing, life saving, and of the highest fulfillment.