The Divine Call Of The Spirit Of Love

As the cherished sons and daughters of the God of love, we’re each exclusively, and affectionately called to take up the progressive, upward, heavenly course of perfecting purpose, intellectual mastery, and spiritual attainment; for our Infinite Creator, who is perfect, desires, decrees, and requires we likewise be perfect; hence, in answering the sacred call to ascend by spiritual forward movement toward the source, center, glory, and paradisiacal embrace of our Divine Progenitor of love, we’re personally called to wholeheartedly choose our Creator’s mandate, for all mortal beings to evolve and, grow into full-fledged, immortal spiritual adulthood.

There is an ever-present divine calling heralding from the indwelling Spirit of Love, continually resonating within the heart-and-soul of every child of light, directing one to rise in love with faith-filled conviction, consecrated devotion, and, replete embracement of the developmental program, and spiritualizing plan, to mature into the full-light of the emerging God image of our combined—spirit and soul—making; we’re lovingly called to wholly enter heaven’s gateway, deathless estate, and, supreme joy of eternal survival and progression—the Creator’s gift, of an endless life of love.

The endearing call of the Spirit of Love ever echoes within one’s being, calling on every soul to valiantly love, and creatively extend loving service for the betterment of one and all; this circulating living love, eternal truth, and infinite goodness of our Universal Father, and, Mother Supreme, ordains the pathway of infinite perfection for each love-child and, directs the loving relations of one human being with another; may we heed the precious one-in-one holy call to righteous relationship with our beloved Creator, who is truly served and loved, as we love and serve one another; thus, the divine call of the inner Spirit of Love reveals that: to love God ever-more, increases our love for each other.


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