The Inner Wonder Of The Spirit Of Love

Within our very heart-of-hearts there lies a spiritual wonderland, wherein, lives the Creator’s individualized Spirit of Love, who constantly works divine wonders for our total spiritual emancipation; this living innermost presence of our beloved Creator imparts a continuous auto-revelation, and ever-present exemplification of the supreme measure of true devotion, endowing one with that essential, awe-inspiring capacity to draw from, and experience, in intimate association with the ensouled Divine Spirit, the supernal delight of bestowing our hearts truest love and affection upon our fellowman; and, in due time this world is destined to become an enlightened sphere of loving wonder for all God’s children.

There is an eternal term of endearment freely offered from our wondrous inner love-zone, fostered by the Universal Creator, whose presence, in the form of the indwelling Spirit of infinite love, inwardly radiates a gentle loving warmth and, unceasingly outpours divine love from our interior heartland, and heavenly oasis; as we enter this sanctified environ of spiritualizing wonder, we encounter a spiritual love thunder that reverberates throughout our being, resounding to all hearts within our immediate and earthly range, even garnering the all-loving attention of higher beings of our extended universal family of God.

This glorious, amazing, marvelous, phenomenal, and magnificent Divine Spirit of love endowment in the soul, we’re wonderfully privileged to lovingly fellowship with in the sanctuary of the heart, and, by divine love’s necessity, we’re tenderly heartened to readily share this love with one another; divine love is never static, for its very makeup is to unreservedly, and completely give of itself, such is the true nature, and reality of our ever-evolving God-self, who is a Spirit wonderment close at heart to behold, adore, cherish, revere, and, wholly love, whose abiding love increases as it releases, igniting, and wonder-filling others to also discover, and share their inner-wonder of the Spirit of Love.


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