The Spirit Fruits Of Divine Love

As we lend a helping heart to facilitate the liberal ingrowing of living love, allowing it to take lasting root in the soul, there springs up in the spiritualizing person the perennial life-giving fruits of the indwelling Spirit, accordingly, we feed one another, who hunger for the spiritual nourishment of love and truth, these divine delights: true love, supreme joy, enduring peace, undying hope, unfailing goodness, and loving service; which are consequently, faithfully cultivated, creatively produced, and wholeheartedly served, for the spiritual feeding of the world’s peoples.

In this bountiful, prolific, lavish, fruitful, and, everlasting outlay of celestially delicious manna from heaven, the Spirit of Love partners with us in supplying, and distributing this spirit-sustenance of the pure and holy food of the Gods, to each other; the indwelling Spirit of Love makes fertile one’s inner-ground, accelerating the ripening of the divine fruits of: unselfish devotion, forgiving tolerance, sincere fairness, true humility, and wise temperance; the universal tree of life rooted in infinite and eternal love—we’re each of its branches, made to bear much fruit—comes to glorious light in our Spirit sight, that we may fruitfully give with loving might, in spiritual fecundity, ever-fueling us to reach divine love’s highest height.

The spiritual fruits, of our combined earthly and heavenly labors with the inner Divine Spirit of Love, are high-yielding, in the transforming, and progressive lives of spirit-born and God-knowing individuals, bearing abundant and rich harvest in and through the lives of light infused, and love embraced people, and, experientially brings forth the spiritual fruitfulness of: steadfast faith, courageous loyalty, merciful ministry, long-suffering, and compassionate empathy; these inexhaustible spiritual quickeners of civilization, eventually erases the spiritual poverty of an unfruitful humanity for all time, by way of the ever-enlarging global sister-brotherhood now bringing to fruition, the ever-bearing, limitless, Spirit fruits of divine love.