The Spiritual Armor Of Divine Love

As we lovingly enter into that sublime relationship in time and in eternity with the indwelling Spirit of Love, faith-quickened, we begin to discern that we’re safely and wholly in the spiritual care and divine keeping of an all-wise, all-loving, and all-powerful Creator, whose enfolding protectorship inspires supreme joy, transcendent peace, and righteous confidence; indeed, our ever-loving Creator shares in every hardship, ever-revealing, that, in the singular loving watch-care of the Divine Spirit nothing of serious harm can befall any child of light and endure.

With full assurance and undaunted faith we can ascertain that loving compassionate spiritual overcare of our beloved Creator, who secures our inner sanctuary—that unassailable spiritualizing bastion and innermost refuge wherein the indwelling Spirit of Love meets and communes with the soul—and thereof, we are spiritually protected, and upheld through every challenge; there is a divine insurance, an eternal salvation that rest upon our God given right to choose the spirit way, and divine life; even the Spirit of Truth counsels, comforts, and fortifies the soul in the very midst of temporal and finite insecurity.

The all-encompassing love of the Divine Mother, in perfect harmony with the all-embracing love of the Universal Father, provides each soul with loving angels of guardianship; and, conditioning one with ever-advancing spiritual power, endows each soul with the supernal faculty to withstand any and all danger, with divine protection, spiritual reinforcement, sanctified shielding, and cosmic security; and, as we achieve the knowing and doing of the Creator’s loving will, we are eternalized into an ever-progressive ascension career, wherein nothing of evil import can detrimentally touch the soul, here on earth, or in the worlds to come, for the Spirit of Love, with great affection, preserves, and leads the soul through every dark night, to the triumphant morning glory of divine love armored in spiritual light.