The Infinite Love Of Our Eternal Life

The true love we deeply seek and wholly desire—mostly through one another—in truth, already exist, for the endearing devotions of the inner Spirit of Love is immediately reachable, easily approachable, and always accessible, and, whose divine fullness is at once altogether attainable; the wholehearted affection and complete acceptance we intensely long for is directly obtainable in one’s heart-of-hearts, for this nearest, dearest, realest love divine lives within us day and night, always within heart-sight, readily made experiential by our love endowed faith-light.

That special love bond we endeavor to find for a lifetime, wherein two become one, is spiritually within our immediate reach, for the Divine Spirit of infinite love—of abode within the cherished heart—seeks eternal oneness, and everlasting union with each and every soul; this indwelling Spirit of eternal love, never stops for one moment its divine love giving, for such is the true nature of living love, that dominant characteristic of our beloved Creator, whose divine affection embraces the whole of our being inside and out; moreover, this all-beautiful Spirit of Love is our inseparable devoted companion—we live in it, as it lives in us.

There is a divine romance of the highest order, between the Creator and the children of creation, in tenderhearted growing process, spiritually close and, divinely intimate, within openhearted range of every soul; the indwelling Spirit of Love, is actively, ceaselessly, and loyally loving the whole true person, creatively unfolding through one’s interconnecting heart, for the love of all others; we can rest assured that we are forever secured in the unabating affections of the Divine Heart, who is the very love of our eternal life, coming to each of us as no respecter of persons, yet, absolutely, and equally loves each personality as the perfect and eternal love of one’s everlasting life.