The Spirit Of Love Advances A Planetary Spiritual Renaissance

The indwelling Spirit of Love, the Creator’s abiding inner-presence, initiates the soul’s birth, nurtures its immortal growth, and, advances the divine cause of the spiritual rebirth of the individual, and humanity as a whole, additionally, spiritually regenerates the mind, and lovingly prepares the way for the leading of all willing, and faith-abiding souls toward a culminating planetary spiritual renaissance having epoch-making potentialities; forthwith, divine love becomes a central motive, key impetus, and spiritualizing power resurrecting the great body of humanity into the everlasting light of a more spiritual future of righteous living and unconditional loving.

We’re highly blessed with the renewing capacity, and spiritual propensity to take part in the global cultivation, truth fostering, and, enduring establishment of a spiritual revival of love wrought by the spirit of the inner God-self; when this spiritual renascence is wholeheartedly embraced by a majority of people, we will in due time behold that dawning emergence giving birth to a transforming world in universal fellowship with the presence, purpose, and plan of our beloved Creator; the spiritual potentials of mankind is slowly but surely being released, reorganizing the human family with periodic resurgences, and revelations of truth steeped in infinite love.

As we faithfully accept, and dully co-operate with the Spirit of Love—personally and collectively—in ushering in a more spiritual dispensation of enlightened, ethical living, consequently, presently, there is transpiring the materialization of a better world—which may seem delayed, but is utterly unpreventable; the supreme exhilaration of working in harmony, for the spiritual regeneration of humankind, with God’s will-of-love—whose living roots in the heart, revitalizing light in the mind, and revivifying love in the soul, forever makes all things anew, awakening and reawakening the tremendous possibilities currently at work creating a spiritual worldwide renaissance of spiritually liberated, and reborn people of God-as-love, now come, and forevermore.