The Eternal Progression Of Infinite Love

Our beloved Creator of infinite love, provides all children of creation with the forward moving opportunity to wholly enter the developmental path of evolving life, to eternally progress in the perfecting of divine love; the infinity of God’s love, of living essence in the soul, lays before each person the limitless course of spiritual advancement, and, never-ending growth, en route to becoming utterly perfected in spiritual love; the soul’s ever-progressive immortalization, and spiritualization, is had through the mastery of, and everlasting fusion with the Spirit of Love, who lives, guides, and teaches from our very core, and, progressing forevermore, we will spiritually mature, and in oneness soar, all the way to the Divine Heart whose love is our supreme allure.

As we forever progress in comprehension of eternal and infinite love, increasingly enlarging our capacity to love our Creator—and be loved—the leadings of the indwelling Spirit of Love brings us into unending heart-to-heart loving fellowship with a boundless diversity of beings; the lovingkindness we share, directly proceeds from the Creator’s ceaseless infusion of all-reality with love, and, establishes the ethical nature of contactual conduct with all personalities throughout an immense universe; our lovesome Creator always loves us to our fullest that we may thoroughly receive, and generously bestow such selfless love in kind.

Lovingly created in the spiritual image, and unfolding grace of the Universal First Person of love, we’re gifted and granted advancement upward and inward in the perpetual attainments of progressive love; the Creator’s all-wise, all-loving purpose, decrees the righteous way of increasingly approaching, and eventually arriving at the source of perfect love; moreover, to be truly great in love, we become love servers to all, even so, the Spirit of Love is our living compass and spiritual companion ever-leading to the fountainhead of love, the Divine Heart, the Eternal Progressor of infinite love.