Divine Love Inspires Applied Faith

Divine love energizes and, stimulates the living powers of faith—the Creator’s gift—spiritually activating, and divinely inspiring wholehearted, consecrated, love-filled actions; true love, actuating high ethical and moral values, and, staunchly, faithfully enacted in the very midst of any and all opposing, and resisting challenges—even seeming hopelessness—is not necessarily evidential in the exterior life, for it leads forth from its interior presence, galvanizing, urging on the faith-realization, and love-embraced personality, through the experience of real love shared in affectionate relationship to the Divine Heart present and, personalizing in-and-through one’s soul.

Through applied faith in the verities of agape love, we endeavor to maintain a spiritual attachment, faithful connection, trusting contact, and, come what may, devoted knowing, faithfully upholding that supreme relationship with the invisible reality of the indwelling God-self of love, even while the world at large may seem lost to the ever-present actuality of such love; our numerous trials of love reinforces the heart, builds spiritual character, and, in being steadfast in loving faith, our eternal life-line to love is ever-strengthened; our spiritualizing future is fostered by keeping the heart single to the endearing companionship of the Spirit of Love.

Our dedicated, and faith-fortified works of love and loving services, are anchored, enhanced, and emboldened, by the dynamic free flowing nature of infinite love; through every adversity divine love conjoins with applied faith, in the soul, for the full enactment of an ever-trusting hope that embodies convictions, loyalties, aspirations, and deeds rooted in the Spirit of Love, and creatively performed upon the living stage of life; thus, faithfully sharing the inner-life of love with our dearly beloved Creator, in the righteous faithfulness of doing the Eternal One’s will—whose universal loving ministry is applied love—without a doubt, is our certain spiritual grounds for sustained inspirational faithfulness in truthfully, unreservedly, loving one another.