Divine Love Shall Reign The Domain Of Human Hearts

May we place great and lasting faith of heart in divine love’s future plan and spiritual design for the whole of humanity, as the Spirit of Love reveals to all receptive souls the forecast of the eventual reign in the domain of human hearts of a love supreme; the glorious intent, and far-seeing objectives of God’s outpoured, leading love, is upon us, manifesting those ever-present advancing planetary victories contributory to the coming days of the rule of love, and, every love-touched, and love-moved heart is called into spiritual action for divine love’s right-of-way to gain full sway throughout the planet.

May we envision tomorrow’s love triumphal truth this day, visualizing each and every heart as being true love’s opening into the world; for the Spirit of Love’s actualizing truth through every soul, is working spiritually, and creatively toward the glorious goal of world unity, stabilized in divine love; moreover, the ministry of universal love is evincing, developing, and promulgating in the bosom of humanity; thus, in choosing to follow the path of the heart, we will gradually see love divine appearing as a new global reality, wherein the Infinite One’s love will be the dominant force for good upon the earth.

Our loving, living, dynamic faith in the compelling power of infinite love, discloses our closeness to the Eternal One’s loving presence; each person’s love-activated, and love-powered heart, is contributing to the evolving, totalizing tributaries of the heart-streams of divine love, forthwith, to reign and shine through the auric fields, embodied personalities, and illumined minds of love dominant souls; henceforward, the unfolding fulfillment of God’s all-embracing love ushers our precious world into the early stages of the spiritual order and rule of the Creator’s sovereignty, established in-and-by love, and is certain to reign in the domain of human hearts over all the world, even forevermore.