The Spiritual Experience Of Divine Love

The Universal Creator is absolute spirit and pure love, and has bestowed the Spirit of Love to abode within us—our living pilot to eternal life—for the infinite love of each and every soul; of whom, the spiritually aware, through enlightened insight, have come to know through firsthand knowledge, and interbeing participation—without intermediaries—the love of God spiritually active in their hearts and souls; this divinely affectionate spiritizing contact with, and spiritually intimate involvement in, the reality of divine love, is experientially enjoyed through a deliberate, reverential, personalized spiritual relationship with the indwelling Spirit presence of love.

This experiential embracement, and spiritual familiarization with the ensouled heavenly Spirit of Love is eternally binding through living, loving faith, which brings to the forefront of one’s consciousness a deeply heartfelt inner-knowing, revealing the sublime grandeur, and soul saving glory, of a transcendent relational closeness with the Eternal Heart of universal love within the openhearted intimacy of one’s welcoming love-inspired, love-witnessing, and love-encountering soul; forthwith, a love-savoring, love-sharing, and love-serving personality is spiritually born, in the spirit likeness of, and in response to, the inpouring love of the inward Divine Spirit.

The whole-souled spiritualizing experiences with the Spirit of Love, sanctifies the inner-life—precipitating a baptism of the spirit—with the clarifying revelations of a divine love that inevitably leads to a love-life of progressive spiritual living; the Creator’s all-wise and unceasing ministry of spiritual love transmutes, and truth coordinates the interior condition of the mind to one of spiritual elevation, predicated upon the divine experiences fostered by the spirit presence of the Eternal Heart of infinite love; there is an all-embracing spiritual love at work immortalizing the soul’s highest good; the indwelling Spirit, having the greatest experiential value, is now courting the soul to be forever wedded in spiritual union with itself in divine love.