We Are The Children Of Light And Love

We have great cause to rejoice with gratitude and thankfulness, in that, we are essentially the children of the Eternal One of light who is infinite in love; this profound spiritual realization—had through the innervision and revelations garnered by living faith—makes tangible and palpable the touching fellowship of the soul in parental heart-contact with the indwelling Spirit of Love; thereby, are we, reborn into the liberated experience of spirit life, cradled in divine love, raised by living truth, and matured in the service of the universal good.

As progenies of light, born of love, we’re destined to attain spiritual adulthood through the advancing schools of spiritualizing light and perfecting love, always drawing closer to our beloved Creator’s all-loving character of paradisiacal beauty; if we choose wholehearted resignation to the divine will, and offer ourselves wholly to the universal purpose and supreme desire of our Creator-Father-Mother—who gave us life and eternally sustains its unending continuance—presently, we’re endowed spiritually capable of lighting up the world with a divine love, as descendants of a family oriented universe permeated with eternal light and infused in infinite love.

We are exceedingly blessed to be divinely created in the spiritual likeness of our most loving Creator, who bestows upon us lives of inextinguishable light and inexhaustible love; for as the sons and daughters of the Universal Father and Supreme Mother, we are forever embraced in the all-protective, all-illuminating divine light, and the ever-sustaining power and inspiration of infinite love; if we adhere to our divine inheritance, without conscious rejection of this spiritual birthright, and righteous way of life, we shall never know death, and will forever live to shine forth our God given light, and forward-on our love endowed heart to our ever-expanding spiritual sister-brotherhood of fellow beings, here, and in the great beyond.