What All The World Needs Now Is Love Divine

What all the world needs—and currently has—is a true, unadulterated love, a pure and higher love free of the conditionality’s, and misconceptions of self-centered love; however, the Creator’s ministry of divine love is ever-present, patient, forgiving, and compassionate; moreover, the Spirit of Love gently knocks at the door of the heart of every human being, seeking wholehearted invitation into one’s life, that it may deliver its powers of transformation individually, and in-time, spiritually convert the whole heart-life of humanity.

The real love we all seek, and urgently need, we already have; for a new revelation of infinite love is presently upon, and within us, and according to the capacity of each love endowed soul, the Universal Creator’s outpouring love will find increased heart-expression, particularly, as one endeavors to set free, courageously release, spiritually liberate, and generously bestow, altruistic love in every positively creative way serviceable to our needful human family; for it is the beautiful, inspiring, dynamic nature of agape love to keep moving, freely flowing, and always growing in open-hearted loving ministrations to our terrestrial sisters and brothers.

The Spirit of Love, living in the minds and souls of all people, is actively at work presenting its numerous gifts to each love recipient that its loveliness may become known, and visible throughout the globe; consequently, the rule of love will eventually reign supreme upon this very world. Whereas genuine love may seem to be in short supply, it is actually infinitely abundant, for such is the truth of the universal love of the Eternal One; and, according to the divine plan in progress on this evolving sphere, divine love is destined to eventually win the hearts of all the world, and champion its loving cause to every member of the planetary family of humankind—true love earnestly sought can at once be found in every heart.