The Divine Family Of Infinite Love

The Universal Father, Eternal Son, and Paradise Mother Spirit have created a far-flung universe-of-universes of untold beings, personalities, and spirit entities, all of whom are eternally embraced in infinite love as the ever-growing divine family; from the lowest to the highest created intelligences we’re all spiritual kin, forever bonded in the Primal Source, and Eternal Ancestor of all things and beings; although there are different antecedent levels of creation, we’re all ultimately of divine parentage and inheritance—varied in origins, one in destiny; we are the Creator’s sons and daughters destined to meet a wide-ranging array of spiritual relatives as we scale the ascending familial aggregations of the heavenly abodes.

It may seem and feel as if we are isolated, and in unfriendly finite environs, yet just the opposite is true, we are wholly and intimately loved by our Creators, so much so, that a fragment of the absolute essence of the universal presence of the eternal and infinite Paradise Father directly, exclusively, and individually has been given to live inside of each person, therein loving and guiding every soul to the eternal home of the triune Creators, the central Isle of Light and Life; what a magnificent and triumphant spiritual predestination awaits every spirit-born member of the family of God.

The First Person of Deity, the Original Personality, directly bestows, and parentally encircuits all personalities, making it possible for every man-woman-child to equally have a direct-connect, and unending communion with the Universal Creator; our Divine Parent’s, gifted individualized presence, the indwelling Spirit of Love, is our constant inner-companion, bequeathing us with the divine privilege of daughter-sonship; therefore, we find in the father-motherhood of God the revelation of the sister-brotherhood of humanity; thus, in spirit, and in truth we are all one vast cosmic family, and spiritual brotherhood encompassed in infinite love, now, and forevermore.