The Infinite Wisdom Of Divine Love

The Universal Creator’s divine nature and spiritual personality being infinite in love, and the Original Unity, perfectly co-ordinates a far-seeing, intelligent affection, with matchless wisdom, ultimate truth, supreme beauty, and absolute goodness; even though the infinite love of the Eternal One is not secondary to anything in the divine nature, we find an infallible wisdom operative in and through the majestic character, and the never-ending bestowals of the unlimited love of the Universal I AM, the First Creative Source and Unified Center of all-reality.

Infinite wisdom dictates and reveals that the God of love does not decide all things for us in advance—the personality is endowed with powers of choice—divine love is not a shortsighted endearment which would pamper and spoil, for the Creator’s eternal love is an all-wise affection; there is a flawless symmetry of love, wisdom, truth, beauty, and goodness, a perfect oneness of the divine and infinite attributes of the First Person of Deity; divine love forever functions in unified association with divine  wisdom, and all the other infinite characteristics of the perfect nature of God; endeavoring to love divinely, we will come to learn to embrace an harmonious integration and correlation of knowledge, wisdom, faith, and truth in our ever expanding spiritual adventures of enlightened loving.

The Eternal Heart of absolute love acts in complete consonance with divine wisdom; even though divine love is the greatest of all spirit realities, it consummately functions in universal equilibrium with a faultless merciful wisdom that controls the fate and judgement of all-beings; called forth, are we, to sincerely base the human life on the highest consciousness of spiritual truth, universal beauty, and eternal goodness, co-ordinating these qualities of divinity through advancing wisdom, maturing faith, and increasing love, in accord with our progressively evolving cosmic philosophy, spiritual experience, and loving service to our fellow human beings.