The Heavenly Haven Of Divine Love Within

There is a spiritual oasis of living love within, ever watering the love thirsting soul, and feeding the love hungered heart, this unassailable inner bastion of divine love originates from the interior presence of the ensouled Spirit, who always illuminates the inner-life with bright endearing moments of divine affection predicated on pure love; this inmost sanctum of ever-flowing creative love is exclusive between the individual and the indwelling spirit essence of the Infinite One, who enshrines the soul with an eternally revealing and growing love; the Spirit within ever teaches, that to increase love, it is essential to freely release this dynamic, innermost love divine, wholeheartedly through body, and mind.

The desert heartland of lovelessness—encountered by many—is only a temporary experience, and passing misperception of the veritable truth of the Spirit of Love currently living in every soul; there is a sanctuary of infinite love within, wherein, the co-existing indwelling Spirit is actively, and wholly loving the personality; this ever-loving Spirit is the very presence and gift of God, whose love bestowal may be impeded by persistent selfishness, and/or conscious choice, even then, the Universal Creator’s applied love of merciful forgiveness will do everything spiritually possible to forever save that soul to a life of eternal love.

To come upon and abide in the heavenly haven of the Eternal Heart of universal love within oneself, is to find the everlasting inner-source-center of divine love, that gives one’s soul unabating joy, and the enduring happiness of eternal belonging; be assured, not for one instant is anybody without this supernal love endowment, and the wherewithal to fully embrace it; moreover, even one’s very existence bears abundant proof that love is not aloof, but is inwardly inspiring one to take faith, and deliberately love as a must, for in God-as-love within lies our ever-present loving trust.