Divine Love The Heart Of Reality

Total reality—differentially actualizing on diverse universe levels—originates in and by the infinite all-loving volition of the Universal Creator who is love; at the heart of all-reality there is the eternally pulsating, all-inclusive, absolute love of the existential and experiential Infinite Upholder; throughout all realms of life, the Spirit of Love is central, inescapable, boundlessly loving without condition or preference; and if permitted free-flowing range through the heart, divine love will find ascendancy in the soul, and therefrom continually unfold, even to the person-to-person attainment goal of the Original, First Creative Source of love, and Primal Lover of all.

The Universal Creator initiates and maintains an infinite and eternal reality—actual and potential—that is love dominate throughout the far-flung cosmos; all-beings live, and are lovingly, eternally sustained within the everywhere presence of the Divine Heart and Absolute Center of love, who permeates all actuality, with an inextinguishable love factuality, readily accessible to everyone, forthwith, to love and be loved; moreover, divine love makes the universe-of-universes a very friendly, family oriented, fraternal verity, wherein, on higher levels of reality function, lovelessness is incompatible with divine and spiritual living.

As all personality is a level of deified reality—the Infinite One is the actualizer, bestower, and destiny of all personalities—we can rest assured that the Universal I AM forever saturates reality with an infinite love; wherever we may find ourselves, at any point in time and space, we are encouraged to have complete faith in the fact that pure love envelopes, and dwells within every soul—commonly unbeknownst to us; the spirit and truth of love, we can always be certain of above and beyond any temporal unloving condition—personally or collectively—for there can never be a scarcity of love nor absence of reachability, for divine love it is at the heart of all-reality.