The Unending Revelations Of Infinite Love

Right now, as we are, the revelatory voice of the indwelling Spirit of infinite love speaks continually from within us, this divine communication ever echoing in the superconscious mind, unveils the ongoing spiritualizing disclosures of the all-loving Spirit presence of the Universal Creator, whose individuated essence reveals the unbroken, intimately loving, divine utterances of the innermost guiding Spirit of eternal destiny; the ever-present, inseparable companionship of God living within us, is untiringly at work bringing to the light of consciousness a knowledge, knowing, and spiritual experience of our beloved Creator-of-love.

We dwell in the Universal Creator, who also lives in us, as the realest part of our makeup; being our unfailing internal spiritual and love stimulus, there are ongoing efforts of our inner Spirit to exalt the light of truth, and the way of love to the soul; for God within enjoys communicating in more or less direct channels in the human mind; yet, we’re often found unequipped spiritually to discern the revelatory messages of our dearest Spirit partner; however, sometime the mind may be so illuminated, that in some measure the divine voice may be heard, making us partially conscious of the declaring wisdom, truth, goodness, beauty, and love of our indwelling Spirit gift.

Abiding in divine love substantiates that we are of God; the eternal ancestor and, divine co-parent of our evolving immortal souls sustains an unceasing heavenly divulgence within the heart of the eternally loving nature, infinite character, and glorious personality of God; we’re being constantly spiritually adjusted to the key of the contactual celestial tones of the indwelling Spirit of Love, whose sacred revelations also streams through the mental currents of the creative imagination, effecting deep spiritual transformations in the recesses of the higher mind, that the persistent revealings of infinite love may be eternally realized, energized, and harmonized in and through one’s being.