The Soul’s Actuality Increases Through Divine Love

Every sincere, heartfelt approach to our beloved Creator—whose loving presence abides within us all the days of mortal life and beyond—through true love, makes greater the reality of that person, for infinite love has an enlarging, transforming, and actualizing effect upon the whole being of the one given to live a life of love, not only personally in communion with the inner Spirit of God, but for the love of all people, especially those difficult to love; earnestly venturing to wisely and in truth love the unlovely is to act divinely, spiritually, ideally, godly.

As we move nearer to the extraordinary, superlative, and supernal—at all-times—companionship of the majestic, matchless, and adorable God of love, in drawing closer to the Infinite One, the soul grows ever-more real in attaining the decreed, predetermined, and advancing goal of perfected comprehension of the Universal Creator; this growing closeness to divinity encompasses a spiritual life of love that leads to eternal progress, even now, this divine contact with the Spirit of Love purifies the faith attitude, inspires consecration of devotion, and spiritualizes all modes of relational activity, inclusive of all-people, friend and foe.

Supreme loyalty to the spiritual ideals of divine love will powerfully aid the indwelling Spirit in successfully guiding every dedicated soul upon the ever-evolving path of expanding love and, progressive heavenly life, lovingly ordained by the Eternal Heart-of-hearts; increases in the divine warmth of God’s ever-present love, decreases the isolating coldness stemming from deficiencies of love, thus preparing the way for the soul’s spiritual rebirth to emerge and mature in the spiritual likeness of the Universal Creator of eternal love; as the soul becomes ever-more real—even to ourselves—divine love will increasingly become more realizable, activated, and demonstrative, through-and-through, in all that we say, be, and do.