Infinite Love The Soul’s Eternal Stabilizer

The human soul, harmoniously oriented to the far-seeing vision, and soul-saving offering of eternal life, fondly given by the Creator’s indwelling Spirit of Love, soon discovers that, when the choice of everlasting existence is wholeheartedly embraced there occurs an increasing soul stabilization, even amid an evolving world beset by the instability of widespread lovelessness; every single personality is affectionately, and permanently held dearly in an eternal love of infinite possibilities, for the Creator’s exclusive, direct, and personal love relationship with each person, enables the soul to experience a knowing, certainty, a spiritual feeling of a divine order of enduring stableness, whose cosmic integrity is forever sustained by the eternal verities of infinite love.

The mortal soul must spiritually, intellectually, and progressively develop in accordance with the Paradise Creator’s will-of-love in order to maintain its eternalizing livelihood; thus, to know assuredly—from the very depths of one’s heart—that one is absolutely, and unconditionally loved, is fully accepted, and divinely respected, calms the restless ever-growing soul, gives peace of mind, quiets and dispels fears; the indwelling Spirit of Love infallibly leads the personality through those ascending experiences of eternally anchored divine realities, that forever roots the spiritualizing soul in the enduring harmonies of universal equilibrium, and divine unity.

Undoubtedly, the love ensouled, and love enriched personality must first and foremost wholly choose its eternal allegiance to the Creator’s inner Spirit of Love, who is one’s immortal ground of being, and eternal compass, that all the while keeps the soul-eye single to the glory of God, and who lovingly leads the soul to the safe havens of abiding happiness above; the spiritual gift of living faith secured in the ever-present ministry of divine love, assures the right-to-life everlasting, for the advancing attainment of the loving presence of the Infinite One guarantees the eternal stability of the soul.