Love Divine The Essence Of Loving Service

We have come to know in our heart-of-hearts, that the Universal Creator shares all things possible with countless beings high and low, in addition, we adoringly realize that love is always the central theme and vital truth of all the Eternal Creator’s personality interactions—who is the Original Personality, bestower, and destiny of all personalities; this ensouled divine presence, and individualized essence of the Infinite Creator’s absolute love animates and, inspires the true spirit of service, thus being, the loviest revelation, and glorious example of the way, model, and ideal of the Spirit of Love—in partnership with us—in altruistically working for the good, upliftment, and welfare of others.

This fraternal, unconditional, benevolent, and selfless service of divine love makes all true work sacred in that there is a spiritual representation, divine component, and the highest of values at work, for God’s infinite life of idealistic love is the very spirit of true service—God service—this other consciousness, noble generosity and, overarching propensity of desire to do good, is inherent in the spiritual composition of one’s being; we’re lovingly encouraged to be bold of spirit, and creatively unfold, the Creator’s delight, and untold light of love, ideally, freely flowing, unhindered from one’s heart-and-soul.

To willingly and joyfully be of loving service as a spiritual act, provides the opportunity for the transformations of living love and truth to further embrace the ever-growing, evolving soul, for the exemplary life is one of loving service; divine love leads from the heart into the heart of service and, the Spirit of Love, indwelling the human mind, ever guides one to serve all people as we conceive God would attend them; moreover, our devoted service to one another contributes to the divine economy, wherein, we profit by the spiritualization, well-being, and advancement of our soul, and all other souls.