Divine Love Pervades The Heart-Stream Of Humanity

All people on this good earth are divinely gifted with the ever-flowing grace of living love eternally springing from the Divine Heart-of-hearts; all-souls are linked, related, and exist within the Universal Heart, whose infinite love unceasingly circulates throughout the heart-stream of humanity; this divine love-reality, freely moving, gentle love-force, and all-inspiring love-power, discloses the actuality of the Eternal One amongst us, and indwelling our very souls; the divine and spiritual life of love carries each human being to its supreme fulfillment, optimally functioning as we likewise bestow love upon our mortal sisters and brothers; for in rising in love with our beloved Creator, increased love for others will surely be our joyous experience.

Humanity as a whole is the living conduit through which pure love individually flows into the spiritual body of humankind and, in enlarging our love for others, we facilitate the movement and spread of love to the benefit of all the world’s people; we live, breathe, and have our being within the all-pervading presence of God’s love, who is always seeking those most in need of love while perfectly loving each and every soul equally; thus, the Spirit-of-Love is increasingly enabled to successfully spiritize a person’s life, as one similarly endeavors to truly love; for the culminating actions of true love will one day ultimately prevail upon this world utterly triumphant.

The Spirit-of-Love affectionately infuses, and tenderly permeates all-souls, and as we give love the right of way—in sharing, serving, and relating—it goes out from each loving heart, expanding its beautiful influence, and power for good, bettering all the world, simultaneously enhancing every single person who is given to love; as the Creator’s absolute love traverses the heart-stream of humanity, in fond-embrace of all-souls, the total pervasion of God-as-love is destined to transform the world, creating heaven on earth.