The Inner Spiritual Labors Of Divine Love

The Spirit of Love, indwelling the inmost soul, divinely works by an absolute and perfect love within the human heart, to effect the total spiritual transformation of every individual; all normal minded people are blessed and privileged to lovingly welcome, befriend, cherish, and collaborate with the interior companionship of the Creator’s loving presence, who labors to increase God-consciousness and, strives to achieve the utmost identification of soul-and-Spirit—Godlikeness; the indwelling Spirit together with the soul is working to attain fusion-union, wherein the human and divine nature are forever combined to make for a new-being, reborn in the divinely beautiful and, loving likeness of the Eternal One.

Doing the will of the Divine Heart—the secret of survival and perfection—is revealed as one’s exhibition of willingness to share the inner life with God—practicing the presence—whose divine works, in association with human choice, fosters spiritual advancement; for in the innermost heart the spiritualizing activities, and thought adjustments of the indwelling Spirit is tirelessly laboring to immortalize the soul, in preparation to spiritually live the divine and eternal life; thereof, the Spirit gains personality, and the evolving soul obtains everlasting spirit-beingness.

The Spirit of Love labors to spiritize the mind away from the inherent self-centered tendencies of the human-animal nature and, is love-working incessantly to reveal the unending progress, enduring joys, and abiding peace crowning all spiritual efforts, and toiling earthly struggles; there is a mighty ministry of the God-of-love at work within the mind that we can spiritually touch, soulfully feel, commune with, and proactively participate in; as we wholeheartedly embrace the divine task of complete Spirit emulation, we thus labor jointly with our inner-Spirit, that we may both become one, and fulfill the Creator’s loving plan of personality perfection; the rewarding labors of divine love culminates in the soul-Spirit’s eternal oneness.