The Curative, And Healing Power Of Divine Love

Through the divine gift of living and loving faith everyone can access and activate the curative, and healing power of infinite love, resident in the human soul, and affectionately enveloping the body-mind-temple; the Spirit of Love’s bettering presence is restorative, health-giving, therapeutic and, is already ministering spiritual antidotes from the citadel of every heart, wherein, the faithful belief of the undoubting soul renders the powers of love ever more potent, and efficacious.

Divine love—dynamically outgoing in all its satisfaction-seeking—effectively increases when, no matter the condition, as one receives the divine affection—which is ever streaming into the heart—one strives to unselfishly love, this is key to keeping love alive, flowing, and growing; although the many gifts of love is present in the heart of every soul, the greater the love need, the more does divine love endeavor to gratify such need; moreover, the Universal Creator’s life-giving, soul-saving bestowments, and all-merciful forgiveness, enacted with pure love, provides the ultimate spiritual makeover, and personality sanctification, even to the eternal salvation and perfection of the soul.

The curative, and healing power of the Spirit of Love actualizing through the soul, offers the way, truth, and proof of wholeness; experiential revelation, and divine wisdom dictates that the mission of all adversity is temporal, character building, and ever spiritualizing for all souls on the ascendant path of true love; anything that may negatively weight upon the heart and mind, of past, present, and future concern, will be healed, cured, in time, and forgotten in eternity, for only that which has spiritual value survives, therefore, any burdensome malady, divine love has the power to dissolve and/or absorb, in co-operation with the afflicted and struggling soul; the healing and curing balm of infinite love is always at work ministering that corrective spiritual salve for the permanent transformation of the evolving soul.