The Divine Romance Of Infinite Love

Within the sweet, gentle, universally outstretched spirit arms of the Eternal One we are lovingly enclasped, soulfully enfolded, charmingly enveloped, personally attached, and affectionately cherished in the spiritually warm and protective bosom of the Divine Heart, whose Spirit of Love intimately lives within us, and has initiated a divine romance of everlasting interrelatedness, culminating in eternal bonds of endearing allegiance; this enthralling relationship with divine love inspires a passionate dedication, and supreme loyalty with one’s indwelling Spirit gift, whose loving presence is God, and ever inspires spiritual  ardor and, wholehearted consecration to the divine values and eternal realities of the Infinite One.

The Creator’s love absolute, personalizes, spiritualizes, and idealizes each soul, creating the highest, deepest, closest, and most profound of relationships; as we receive the perfect loving devotions of our lovesome Creator, we increasingly become enamored with spiritual adoration for the sublimely beautiful, divinely exquisite, supernal appeal, and deeply touching goodness of the Creator’s infinite character of love. A supreme unending affair of the heart, presently overflowing with divine loveliness, glorious allure, and heart-felt truth, reveals that all-encompassing parentage, and matchless friendship with God the Beloved, whose betrothing Presence tenderly fills the entirety of our being with loving-kindness, and the divinest, inexhaustible outpouring of infinite love.

The thrilling feeling, and ultimate love story of the soul’s divine courtship with the cohabiting Spirit of Love, beautifully avails itself to those spirit lovers undoubtedly purposed and faithfully conjoined to the Divine, and now develops by devout, and whole-souled engagement; the love-filled heart, ever set on the holy matrimony of union of the personality and soul, eternally wedded to the God of love—our nearest and dearest inseparable companion—we thus find ourselves embraced in an everlasting endearment, a divine romance of the highest order, cultivated in spiritual liberty, conditioned with endless joy, and wholly contained in an eternal life of infinite love.