The Planetary Awakening Of Divine Love

Upon the ground of personal being and earthly living, and within the home of every heart divine love is ceaselessly at work effecting the individual and collective spiritual transformation of all-humanity; this all-inclusive ministry of love is destined to achieve an epoch-making, global awakening; for the spiritual heart of all-souls, illuminated by the rising sun of true love, is due to bear the abundant life-giving fruits of the Spirit for the betterment of all the world; for real love is truly contagious and infinitely creative, and leads every soul, to make the supreme choice, to abide by the Creator’s eternal will-of-love.

Our world is in the midst of a newfound and growing awareness of the coming reign of love, predicated on the ministries of the Spirit-of-truth and the Spirit-of-Love which guides the loving contact of human relations; this ever-expanding love-synergy is an intimate part of the Creator’s eternal circle-of-love, that awakens the response of true love in the human heart, and in divine time, all-people will welcome the all-embracing arms and affectionate bosom of the Divine Heart of perfect love; thus, the heart-stream of mankind will certainly one day be truth co-ordinated, and love realized.

There is a mounting, triumphant quickening of divine love spreading throughout the planet, melting away fearful differences and glorifying the loving uniqueness of every personality; there is an awakening sublimity of infinite love emerging, now becoming central to each soul’s moral and ethical consciousness, predestined to engulf the whole of the world, as an implicit part of the Creator’s circuit-of-love, whose eternal love becomes the universal watchword, principle, and governing truth of living; this worldwide love inevitability, is founded on a majority of souls becoming a dynamic focus of God’s love, thereby, assuring all civilization will eventually be encompassed by pure love, resulting in the true spiritual realization of the sister-brotherhood of humanity.