The Universal And Eternal Vision Of Infinite Love

There is a universal, and eternal vision of the all-seeing Infinite Creator, that includes every personality, hence, the universally bestowed Spirit of Love, which strives to free any and all mortal captives from the self-made prison of lovelessness or selfish love and, spiritually liberates and spiritualizes the soul for an ever-expanding, progressive life comprised of eternal realities; this activating Spirit presence endows one with spiritual vitality, enlightened inner-vision, and inspires righteous fruitfulness with an all-wise precision, while comforting the soul with a sublime and undying hope; this indwelling Spirit gift becomes increasingly effective when true love is enacted with the supreme decision to embrace the life predetermined by the all-loving Creator’s perfect-vision.

The super-visioning of our inmost Spirit-Self, who ever works by pure love, sees clear into eternity with perfect, absolute, and infinite foresight; as we look through the luminous eye of this Divine Spirit living within us, and behold the truth of love, unfold its beautiful sight, and take supreme delight in its all-embracing goodness, inspired are we, to be, spiritual visionaries ever-learning to discern the signposts of spiritual guidance, and progress, while faithfully exemplifying the ennobling, loving wholeness of divine righteousness; for our ever-loving Spirit indweller unceasingly brings to the light of soul-sight, unlimited creative, life-giving, and soul-saving power.

The auto-revelations and spiritual provisions of the Divine Spirit, brings to the summit of one’s consciousness the far-reaching, far-sighted promise of the Infinite One—to securely pilot the ascendent career of the soul lighted by living faith, in view of the unending future, prompting our spiritual imagination to envisage the soul’s entry into the exalted privileges of divine son-daughtership, from finity-to-finality, and beyond, in the never-ending joys of loving service; we’re gloriously blessed, presently, to glimpse the limitless possibilities of high purposes, dignifying transcendent values and, perfecting motives of the universal and eternal vision of infinite love.