The Soul’s Spiritual Nature Is Love Dominant

The evolving life of the soul, potentially immortal, is created and sustained by the significant choices of the personality in liaison with the spiritualization ministry of the bestowed inner-spirit presence of the Universal Creator; whose indwelling Spirit gift, is none other than the loving command of the Spirit of Love; as a result, the spiritual substance of the soul is born, and affectionately nurtured by the mounting ascendancy of love-divine, whose dominance accrues as we allow the Eternal Heart right-of-way, and replete mastery, in and through our lives; consequently, the Divine Spirit’s infinite love is increasingly primed as its living love is freely given, unselfishly shared, and altruistically served to others.

The spiritual nature of the soul, is endowed as such, by the spirit essence of God within us, tasked with the divine plan of leading the human soul in growth, development, and progressive perfection in the attainment of higher levels of spirit destiny; this dominion of pure love activity within the soul, becomes increasingly influential in directing the spiritizing mind in making those morally courageous, forward-thinking choices, and supreme-decisions with advancing wisdom and intelligence—to on the whole, divinely love.

Because God is love, and we are made in the spiritual image of our beloved Creator, a perfect love is ensouled in the innermost heart, and unfolds according to the law-of-love—that necessitates, one genuinely love in order for love to actually thrive, and stay alive; thus, when the soul-eyes are filled with the light-of-love, and additionally made bright with spirit-sight, when the soul is divinely illumined with true love, augmented with living faith and, as we give-forth this gently pressing, out-flowing love-energy, prepped inwardly by an endowed portion of the Essence of Infinity, we further the love dominance of the Divine Heart from soul-to-soul, throughout our lives, even now, and forevermore.