The Path Of Truth Is The Way Of Love

The Spirit of Truth guides us into all-truth, the Spirit of Love—the Creator’s individuated presence indwelling the mind—companions and leads each soul into all-love, thus, these spirit presences teaches the truths of the Universal Creator’s spirit-love-nature, and as we ascertain the living truth by way of love, the ascending pathway of uplifting spiritualization, and ennobling sanctification, ordained by these divine spirits, becomes increasingly effective in spiritually enlightening the mind and inspiring the soul to more wholly embrace that sacred partnership and adventure of faith, with the Spirit of God.

The Holy Spirit, being the spiritual circuit and spirit ministry of the Divine Mother, is also the cosmic focus-center of the outpoured Spirit of Truth of the Universe Father and, with the Spirit of Love, establishes a symmetry of spiritual endowment and ministry revealing the truths of divinity to humanity—love, truth, beauty, goodness—and is a mighty planetary influence leading mankind upward, ever urging every soul lovingly onward; for the spiritual forward impulse is the most powerful driving force present in the world, and will eventually effect the total regeneration, and transformation of the spiritual consciousness, and moral character of humankind.

The living path of divine truth is one with the way of spiritual love, these divine presences are unified in ministry, and work in perfect harmony in/upon our minds and souls; by faith, in truth, and with love, as we receive, espouse, and devote our lives to the Creator’s loving eternal embrace, we become divinely watered souls, renewed, encouraged, and vitalized for the divine course that literally springs up into life everlasting, and with every willing, intelligent, joyful, consecrated, co-operative step, our divined direction is gloriously illuminated, spiritually invigorated, and morally strengthened, in walking with the Beloved upon the righteous path of truth, and the blissful way of love.